Guild Safe

These are the contents of the spare items, held at the Guild of the Golden Sword:

Available Guild Items

Item Cost Description
Boots of Elvenkind Unknwon +5 Acrobatics
Potion of Invisibility Unknown Reference Rulebook
Potion of Levitate Unknown Reference Rulebook
Universal Solvent Unknwon Removes any kind of glue, otherworldly glue, spiderwebs, etc
Scroll of Fireball Unknown Reference Rulebook
Scroll of Clairvoyance Unknown Reference Rulebook
+1 Short Bow Unknown Crit 19/20. Found alongside 10 silver arrows.
Dragonbane Longsword 8,310 GP 1d8+1 Longsword, +2d6 bonus dmg vs dragons
+1 Scythe Unknown Scythe made of human bones and a skull.
Wand of Magic Missile Unknown 4 charges of magic missile.
Elemental Gem (Water) Unknwon When broken, summons elemental (water)
Hand of the Mage Unknown Use Magic Hand cantrips as often as you like.

In-Use Guild Items

Item Cost Description
Light Steel Shield +1 Unknown +1 AC (now in Aestril’s posession)
Cloth Bracers +1 Unknown +1 AC (now in Batty’s posession)
Potion of Invisibility Unknown Reference Rulebook (in Arryn’s posession)
Amulet (Light), Dimension Door 10 GP Teleports to token, token missing/broken. Clemens’ possession.
Amulet (Dark), Dimension Door 1000 GP Teleports to token. In Clemens’ possession.
Bag of Holding, Type I 2,500 GP Carries 250 lbs, weighs 15 lbs. Currently holds 2x winter tunics, cloaks, hiking boots, 4x rations, 1x flint. In Clemen’s posession.
Energy Heart 1,000 GP 1/day reduce 1st time element damage by 10 points. In Aestril’s posession
Mossy Disk Ioun Stone 5,000 GP Floats around wearer’s head (just item slot, not head), +5 Knowledge Religion. In Nevis’ posession.
Red Crystal Weasel Skull 3,000 GP 1/day Familiar is covered in flames (1d4 fire dmg on attacks, similar light as torch, 1min/lvl). In Clemens’ possession.

Guild Safe

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