Cult of the Fractured Flail


Alignment: Chaotic Evil


The Guild of the Golden Sword took the fight to the Flail at their hideout on the top of wintry mountain. They killed their leader, Bane, but apparently Bane had an apprentice. A young woman who watched the heroes kill her master, and has sworn vengeance.

General Info

This fanatical and evil group can’t be trusted under any circumstances. They are the worst society has to offer, and they take any and all opportunities to advance themselves: kidnapping children to join their ranks, stealing orphanage supplies, and killing innocent people. They’ve recently attacked Sandpoint. The Fractured Flail will fulfill deals with other people and groups, only to turn on them after, just to get their money back.

Their members wear a black multi-headed flail tattoo, and have said they are a cult, but it’s yet to be known which god they pray too.

There are also rumours of constant in-fighting.

Cult of the Fractured Flail

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