Sandpoint is a small coastal town on the west side of the continent. It’s primarily farmland with a main township of buildings condensed near the water’s edge. It has a population of 1,240, most are human but there are some elves and dwarves in the township as well.

The Mayor of Sandpoint is Kendra Deverin.

Father Abstalar Zantus runs the Sandpoint Cathedral, a church where worshipers of Desna, Sarenrae, and Gorum can go to pray, and where anyone can go to pay for some healing (10g for level 1, 20g for level 2, 30g for level 3, etc, up to level 5).

The waterfront is where local gangs hang out—known as the Sczarni, these thugs and scoundrels are a good place to go if you’re looking to buy things like thieves’ tools or other semi-legal items.

Ilsorai Gandethus is the most powerful wizard in town, and one of the smartest folks in town to boot. He runs the town school and orphanage, Turandarok Academy. You can go to him to buy spells or ask for advice about all sorts of magic and legends.

Sheriff Belor Hemlock and his militia keep the peace in town, but some things are too tough even for the militia—the sheriff is always looking to hire adventurers to handle these problems. Meanwhile, the elf huntress Shalelu patrols the Sandpoint hinterlands. She keeps an eye on the roads, looks out for goblins, and is all-around one of the best people to talk to if you’re looking for adventure locales in the nearby wilderness.

Ameiko Kaijitsu is the tavern owner of the Rusty Dragon. She knows the local gossip and is an adventurer herself.


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