Current Guild Members of the Golden Sword

Name Race/Class Description
Aestril Half-Elf Fighter Twin sister to Arryn. Kicks ass in a chainmail bikini.
Arryn Half-Elf Rogue Twin brother to Aestril. A sneaky fighter, a regular drinker.
Batty Syl Gnome Witch As androgynous as they are powerful.
Clemens Half-Elf Druid Uses her owl to scout ahead while dodging incoming attacks!
Grog Half-Orc Brawler A heavy drinker and heavy hitter.
Hamraeg Dwarven Cleric Hits and heals. In that order.
Nevis Halfling Bard Smallest member with the biggest mouth and the most clever lyrics.

Current XP & Level for All Guild Members

7,300 XP (Level 3)

Missions for the Golden Sword

Session Mission Description Guild Members Participated
001 Stop dragon, rescue orphanage supplies. Aestril, Clemens, Grog, Nevis
002 Stopped a lab that mutated animals. Aestril, Arryn, Grog
003 Cleared a monster from a tunnel. Aestril, Batty, Clemens, Hamraeg, Nevis
004 Found a traitor at the Cathedral. Aestril, Arryn, Clemens, Hamraeg, Nevis
005 Unveiled an oncoming undead army! Aestril, Arryn, Hamraeg
006 Buried an undead army. Aestril, Batty, Clemens, Nevis
007 Took the fight to the Flail. Aestril, Clemens, Grog, Nevis
008 Finished the fight with the Flail. Aestril, Grog, Hamraeg (Clemens/Nevis).


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