Guild of the Golden Sword

Session 08: End of a Chapter, Part 2

Tharan returned to Sandpoint and the Guild of the Golden Sword to recruit them for battle. He had acquired a mount -a griffendeer (half-eagle, half-reindeer), and took the only available member with him: Hamraeg, the dwarven cleric.

The two fought into the main entrance of the castle, just in time to hear Grog being shot down by four armed crossbowmen!

With reinforcements here, the heroes pressed forward and killed the four crossbowmen. They were guarding a large steel door. Aestril, Grog, Clemens, and Nevis caught Hamraeg and Tharan up to speed. With the knowledge of where his master is, Tharan prudently made his way to the dungeon to rescue his master.

In the basement was a heavily mutated human-monster acting as a jailor, and an overweight, balding, human wizard with a bushy white beard, trapped in a cell. Nevis snuck ahead and nabbed a key from the jailor, but couldn’t move the Master. Grog attempted to help and caused the jailor to wake up.

Grog did his best to hold off the jailor, but became sickened by the mere touch of his claw-arm. Fortunately no one else picked up the highly-contagious rash that was now changing the half-orc brawler.

Tharan and his master took the time to explain to the heroes that Cult of the Fractured Flail are looking for runes. There are 7 Deadly Runes, and 7 Virtuous ones.

Next the heroes went to the second floor with Tharan’s rescued Master. They fought a harem girl who almost had Grog seduced and heavily mutated, but Hamraeg remembered he had a spell that could cure Grog of his sickened state.

Finally the heroes entered the castle’s throne room, and met up with the Leader of the Fractured Flail, Bane. He and his two henchmen fought hard, but before Bane could escape, he and his two henchmen fell to the heroes’ might.

Unfortunately not everything was tied up nicely. Someone watched them fight from a glass ball in the side of the room. She gloated that she was the new leader of the Fractured Flail, and swore to kill the heroes outright. She also captured someone who had a rune in Sandpoint…!

And it turned out it was Jubrayl Vhiski of Fatman’s Feedbag. Aestril chose to break contact with the woman.

Grog, Hamraeg, and the Master, went to the steel door vault after picking up the key from Bane’s pocket. The Master found his Rune of Faith, and explained that the Cult wasn’t previously aware of the Virtuous Runes, hence why he was taken captive before and not outright killed.

The remaining heroes went to the roof to signal their escape. A dozen griffendeer pulling a red sleigh appeared, and they all escaped back to Sandpoint


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