Guild of the Golden Sword

Session 07: End of a Chapter, Part 1

The evening started innocently enough, with rounds of drinks at the Guild of the Golden Sword. The proprietor and alcoholic-enabling father-figure, Gamin, gave the heroes a good talk regarding their future.

Eventually,Gamin said, “You will be too big for Sandpoint. I wonder what you’ll do with your lives? Move to a bigger city? Go your separate ways? Franchise and make money off your adventures?

The conversation was interrupted by a series of explosions. Someone was terrorizing the Sandpoint docks! The heroes headed to the docks and saw that people were in trouble. Grog saved a citizen from drowning, while Clemens helped a trapped man in a burning building get to safety. Nevis assisted Aestril in freeing Sheriff Belor Hemlock from being trapped under debris from a blown building and overturned cart.

Hemlock explained that as his navy chased off the pirates, black-garbed figures terrorized the streets. Clemens investigated one of the bodies to find it was a person with a Fractured Flail tattoo. More sleuthing lead them to the conclusion they were using amulets that used a dimension door to connect them to a cylindrical token at the destination, an abandoned tunnel that lead to Jubrayl Vhiski’s shop, the Fatman’s Feedbag.

Clemens took both amulet and token, and then activated the amulet that Tharan had given them from their time in the aqueducts (Session 06). The heroes teleported to the base of a wintry mountain. They climbed to a castle that was situated at the very top, and found that it was crawling with mutated humans.

Nevis lead a sneaky way into the back of the castle. They were only found out by a guard and a servant, which Aestril dispatched quickly. They overheard two heavily-armed guards inside talking about a prisoner in the basement. The heroes then dispatched the two people who were guarding a strong wooden door. Next, Grog took it upon himself to break down the door the guards were standing in front of…

…only to be greeted by four armed crossbowmen!


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