Guild of the Golden Sword

Session 06 - The Light at the End of the Tunnel... is FIRE!

Sheriff Belor Hemlock tasked the mercenaries of the Guild of the Golden Sword to ensure the safety of the aqueduct systems underneath Sandpoint. The heroes had previously pieced together that an undead army was heading to the city by means of underground tunnels!

Half-elves Aestril and Clemens lead halfling Nevis and the androgynous gnome Batty into the aqueduct systems near Tanner’s Bridge in Sandpoint. They found an green-garbed elf ranger, frozen to death by brown mould, and holding up a red cloth bag.

Nevis shot the bag from the corpse’s grasp, and after Aestril‘s failed attempt to burn the mould away, the heroes walked around the mould’s freezing cold range. The next room had a wounded green-garbed elven ranger. The party healed the elf, who then introduced himself as Tharan.

Tharan was on a mission with his master to take down the Cult of the Fractured Flail but the undead appeared and complicated matters. His brother ran for help (and obviously froze to death), and his master was kidnapped by the Fractured Flail. At least the first wave of undead were taken care of, but Tharan was sure more would be on the way.

The heroes traversed a tricky part of the aqueducts plagued by a Water Elemental and more undead. Finally, they found the entrance of the undead’s recently-made tunnel into the aqueducts. Nevis and Batty summoned a fire-breathing beetle and started burning the support beams down until the tunnel finally collapsed.

Tharan implored the heroes for help, who said they needed time to think about it. The elf ranger left them an amulet he picked off the Cultists and said that it would take them to the Fractured Flail’s hideout. He then left to find his own way to save his master…


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