Guild of the Golden Sword

Session 05: On the Tail of the Fractured Flail

Half-elf fighter Aestril, rogue Arryn, and dwarven cleric Hamraeg awoke in their recently-upgraded headquarters, the Guild of the Golden Sword. Their first stop was to visit Ilsoari Gandethus, resident wizard and school master at the local orphanage. The heroes asked the wizard if they knew of anything powerful enough that would attract the attention of the Cult of the Fractured Flail.

Just then, a loud crash came from Gandethus’ lab. They rush down there to find the glowing rainbow orb, and a little green devil! The heroes vanquish the devil, but the orb escapes through a Dimension Door spell. Gandethus thanks the heroes for removing the monsters from and vows to research what those things are.

Finally, the heroes headed to Sandpoint Garrison, where they saw Father Abstalar Zantus and Sheriff Belor Hemlock discussing whether the turncoat cleric Greta should be trusted or not. The heroes took Greta under her care as they headed northeast into the woods, where the disgraced cleric hoped to meet with her Fractured Flail contacts.

In the woods, the heroes discovered a caved-in lab, where Cultists were slashed to pieces from the surrounding wildlife. Farther northeast they discovered a dozen petrified zombies around a big, deep pit in the ground. Even farther northeast was an old gravesite called Pauper’s Graves.

During this time, Hamraeg takes the time to motivate Greta to do something good with her life. The disgraced dwarven cleric may have criminal charges against her, but she could still redeem herself.

At the gravesite, the heroes noticed that the hundred or so graves were disturbed, and their footprints headed southwest, toward Sandpoint! They also encountered a crazed Cultist who was bitten by a zombie. After knocking him unconscious, Aestril cut off the Cultist’s infected leg. The attempt to save the man from his zombification drew the attention of a ghoul and his small contingent of zombies, which the heroes quickly dispatched.

Arryn stealthily ran ahead to warn their hometown, while Aestril, Hamraeg, and Greta, along with their Cultist captive strapped unconscious to the fighter’s back, were stopped by a pack of vengeful wolves, and a werewolf, who wanted revenge on what happened to his little brother in another Cultist lab (back in Session 02: Camping Trip!). Aestril killed the werewolf after a failed attempt to convince the werewolf she had nothing to do with it. After the alpha was killed, the beta wolves ran away.

Back at Sandpoint, Arryn warned Sheriff Belor Hemlock of the raised dead possibly headed this way. When the rest of the Guild, Greta, and the captive Cultist, showed up, they were able to deduce that something raised the dead, it came southwest toward Sandpoint, and somehow dug a giant hole and dug their way underground, still coming southwest, through the Fractured Flail’s second animal experimentation lab, which caused them to vacate and left them exposed to the vengeful wildlife. The undead were probably still coming toward them from underground!

While Sheriff Belor Hemlock investigated mapped underground tunnels from Town Hall, Hamraeg took the time to go to Greta’s trial and act as a character witness. He pleaded a case to show mercy to the criminal cleric, which the judge took into account and reduced her sentence.

Meanwhile, Aestril and Arryn followed up with wizard Ilsoari Gandethus regarding his intruders. The green imp creature was actually a devil, and the rainbow orb was an Aeon- something that witnesses large events that have major changes in creation! Gandethus also mentioned that he was investigating a possible relation to the Cult of the Fractured Flail prior to his orphanage getting raided (back in Session 01!) at the Old Light, in the northwest of town.

Finally, Sheriff Hemlock showed up, along with Hamraeg, who found the plans for the northeast quadrant aqueduct system in Sandpoint. He mentioned that there is a tunnel under Tanner’s Bridge that leads into an underground river aqueduct system that was once connected to a series of tunnels outside Sandpoint. If the undead are coming, they’re probably opening up this old passageway. Not only that, but the passageway leads under the city Cathedral, and its graveyard!

What will our heroes do next? They need to stop the oncoming undead invasion! And they have a possible lead on where the Cult of the Fractured Flail is hiding.


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