Guild of the Golden Sword

Session 04: Whodunnit at Sandpoint Cathedral

The heroes Aestril, Clemens, Hamraeg, and Nevis, woke to a day of an eclipse over Sandpoint. It’s typically a day of superstition but little else. Leaving the Guild of the Golden Sword, the heroes saw the proprietor Gamin struggling to build a display case for the team and becoming uncharacteristically infuriated at putting it together. Gamin mentioned to the heroes about the eclipse today, which only happens once every ten years or so, and most people stay inside.

Setting off, the heroes head to the Sandpoint Cathedral to follow up on an acolyte’s mysterious murder from the previous day (Session 03). On the walk over, they notice that as the eclipse was happening, the town of Sandpoint became a twisted caricature of itself. Buildings stretched and bent into an unnatural design. Even the Cathedral was crooked and abnormal.

Inside the Cathedral, skeletons were praying to deities. The only normal-looking person was a disciple of Saranrae named Soren. The heroes talked to him about the dead body they found yesterday and further investigation into the shapeshifters infiltrating the town with Father Abstalar Zantus.

Soren turned white as a ghost and offered to talk to Zantus himself. He went upstairs and didn’t return. Eventually, the heroes got impatient, and Nevis picked the lock to head upstairs. They found one puzzling door, and noticed a stretched monster looming over another acolyte who wasn’t Soren. Aestril chased the creature down and killed it, finding a note on it that read, “Kill the remaining acolyte or convert them.”

The monster left behind a red crystal weasel skull. Clemens confided that he had a dream about it. Though it did nothing when Nevis held it, it caused Diamond Eyes to be set on fire when Clemens held it. The flames didn’t hurt Clemens or Diamond Eyes, and it disappeared after a while.

Meanwhile Nevis and Clemens found Father Zantus. Soren had never contacted him and had disappeared! They searched the bedrooms to find a conveniently, but quickly scrawled note in Soren’s office that said, “They found me out, I need to leave town! -S” and a Sandpoint Theatre token in the remaining acolyte’s bedroom.

With one disciple dead, and two others missing, the heroes left for the abandoned Sandpoint Theatre to find the disappeared Greta and Soren. Inside, they found out that Greta laid a trap for them. Fortunately they stopped her and rescued the framed, but innocent, Soren.

After bringing her back to the Cathedral, Greta became violently angry. Father Zantus also was losing his temper. Suddenly, a ball of twisted rainbow colours appeared in front of everyone, and whatever hatred anyone had vanished! No one was caught moving their hands or casting a spell.

Greta, suddenly feeling lethargic and defeated, told the heroes of her plan, and of the Cult of the Fractured Flail

Greta felt angrier every day when she was approached by a man of the Fractured Flail. She was approached by multiple different members, and eventually a group. They worshiped a god who seemed better than hers, Gorum, but the god’s name was never spoken.
Eventually the Cult asked her to sneak in Shapeshifters to cause havoc in the town. This would presumably have given the Cultists enough time to find a rune of some kind trapped somewhere in Sandpoint. In fact, it was probably doing something to the eclipse and the town right now.
Greta was hoping to frame Soren, then escape with no one the wiser. Unfortunately she was stopped before she could reunite with the Cultists who she heard were north east of the town in a place called Shank’s Woods, near Pauper’s Graves…

The heroes demanded that Greta lead them to their hideout, though she didn’t know exactly where it was. She agreed.

There was also the matter of the magical rune. Its power is massive and has the power of enchantment. Mixed with the eclipse, it was assumed the power was also responsible for some of the townspeople turning undead. The only person who would know anything that powerful is Master Ilsorai Gandethus, owner of the Sandpoint orphanage and school. The wizard is said to have a lab of his own underneath the orphanage too.

As the heroes finish their meeting, they notice the eclipse was passing and it was getting light out…

Will everyone return to normal? Will the town look like its old self again? And what about this magical artifact that the Fractured Flail is after? What was that glowing rainbow orb?


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