Guild of the Golden Sword

Session 03: Thug Life

Some members of the Guild of the Golden Sword were looking over the list of jobs Arryn and Aestril picked up last session. They ultimately decided on Ameiko Kaijitisu’s inquiry into the surge of violent crime in the city. The local Thieves Guild, the Sczarni, were acting violently, and are based around the docks. The heroes stopped by to investigate, but were forced into a fight with 4 thugs.

Newcomer Hamraeg subdued one of them. The thief couldn’t remember what happened after going to their usual place to pick up a job. He warned about traps though, which Aestril didn’t pay attention to, and ended up setting off 2 traps!

Ahead they also saw two men and a monster in a scuffle. One man’s scream was suddenly cut off, and the other scrambled up a ladder and slipped through a trap door. Left behind was a monster that looked like a mockery of a human. Clemens leapt at the doppelganger and critically wounded it. The monster retaliated by attacking so harshly that Clemens dropped to the ground, dying.

The other heroes fought hard, but it was Diamond Eyes that finished the monster off with its talons. The monster disintegrated into a puddle, leaving behind a pair of cloth bracers. The heroes also discovered the body of a human male wearing religious robes from the Sandpoint Cathedral.

The heroes returned the body to the Cathedral, to one Father Abstalar Zantus, who filled the heroes in on what a shapeshifter/doppleganger is. He had no explanation as to why one of his acolytes was in an abandoned sewer tunnel with a monster. There were plenty of questions left unanswered, but hopefully they will be answered someday soon…


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