Guild of the Golden Sword

Session 02: Camping Trip

Gamin was regaling his adopted son Arryn of the adventure his sister had just the other day (Session 01). At the same time, Aestril and Grog came in, and some bantering ensued. The heroes decided a night of relaxing camping would be good fun. They headed out of the city and into the nearby forest, finding a suitable spot for a campground. Aestril then left the campsite and started hunting quail on her own…

…when she suffered a surprise attack by a dire rat! She found them to be too problematic to deal with on her own, and retreated back to camp, yelling for help. Fortunately, her brother Arryn could hear her (Grog was too busy staring into the fire and daydreaming). The two adventurers found Aestril in time to dispatch the dire rats, but not before she was sickened by a nasty bite.

What was odd, they noticed, was that the dire rats had tags on their ears, “3” and “4”. The heroes decided to rest overnight before following the dire rat trail farther into the woods. After following the trail, it lead them to a man-made cave into the ground. Grog took the lead, but didn’t check for traps as an arrow sunk into his shoulder.

Arryn then took the lead, opened the first door, and found two giant centipedes! They launched an attack on the heroes but were quickly dispatched. The centipedes, too, had tags on them, with numbers “5” and “6” on them, respectively. They had apparently killed two people in this room, which the heroes overlooked and instead took whatever loot they could get their hands on. They also found some notes: “Need more hair of medusa”, “yellow saves, red is death”, and “two out of three- remember that!”

The next room was filled with cages, and two dead beasts: a venomous snake and giant spider, both with tags. They had fought each other to the death when the cages were open. One cage was still closed with a wolf which Aestril took the time to stab to death behind the closed cage doors, just in case it opened. They found an electrical button panel next to the last door in the room, which had red, yellow, and blue buttons. They fiddled with them before Arryn decided to bypass the security and unlock the door the good old fashioned way.

It wound up getting him knocked out by an evil cleric in the next room. He attacked the heroes but ultimately died at their hands. Arryn was knocked out by the evil sadist, but was avenged by Aestril and Grog. When the cleric fell, Aestril gave into her rage and continued to stab the cleric’s body relentlessly. Only until she was out of breath and stamina, did she stop.

The heroes looted the body, grabbed treasure, and freed a faerie sprite trapped in a glass bottle. The faerie explained she wanted to free the animals, as this group (which turned out to be the Cult of the Fractured Flail, thanks to identifying the tattoo on the cleric’s body) was mutating animals into evil beasts!

The sprite thanked the heroes for their help and flew away. The heroes then returned to town to learn more about this Cult. The Rusty Dragon tavern owner suggested talking with Sheriff Belor Hemlock, and had another lead for Arryn, but would have to return later for more details. Mayor Kendra Deverin gave Aestril a recent job posting for Wizard Ilsorai Gandethus’ request.


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